Varimatic 1500

Automatic Timer


Varimatic 1500 Varimatic 1500 The spot probe of the VARIMATIC 1500 reads not just the exposure time, but also the negative contrast and the corresponding paper grade. And on top of that it can also read the density of your test print. When printing on variable contrast paper, the meter automatically adjusts the exposure time, for up to 8 test points.
For maximum production speed, you can set it to 'measuring during exposure'. For various paper qualities and/or test methods (spot, integral etc.) you can store up to 8 calibration settings.
The exposure is measured automatically, with manual override.
Count down can be interrupted and has a beep signal.
The control keys are internally illuminated.


Optionally available for this probe

accesories Click here for full details on accessories.


Easel probe Several optional probes are available. The MAXI PROBE is designed for semi-integrated measuring on large projection sizes. The EASEL PROBE is a measuring easel that allows measuring through the paper, during exposure.
optional probe type no. 604 is a very sensitive spot probe for exposure time of colors papers. It can be ordered additionally or instead of the standard (B/W) spot probe, type no. 601.


Varimatic in case · Exposure timer 0.10 - 999 seconds · Counts down, interruptable, with exposure beeper · Footswitch connector · Slope correction in 8 steps · Produces the exact exposure time for every contrast filter · Averaging up to 8 measurements · 8 Calibration memories · Log Density range -.99 to +9.99 · Paper Grade indication 0 - 5 steps of 0.5 · Temperature display in Celsius · Auto Lamp-off after 5 minutes · For 100/120 or 200/240 V, 50-60 Hz · Power cons. 6 VA · Enlarger max. 600 VA · Optional safelight wire
Dimensions: 155x165x63 mm. Probe: 76x76x23 mm
Accessories: · Attachments for integral, semi-integrated and spot reading 4 and 6 mm · Grey test negative · Instruction manual · Carrying case