Colorstar 6000

Color Analyser


Colorstar 6000 Colorstar 6000 The COLORSTAR 6000 offers everything you would expect of an analyser and more: the option to convert a color enlarger into a fully automatic Microlab. Operation is simplified by menu-controlled functions and clear user instructions on a large LCD-display.
Display and keys are illuminated by means of yellow safelight. The level is adjustable and is dimmed automatically during exposure.
Automatic calibration and process control features are available, also compensating for paper reciprocity failure. This ensures constant color and density for all print sizes. Other features include a Densitometer function, averaging of an unlimited number of readings and dominant color control. The automatic version stores up to 100 jobs. The job data can be printed.


Optionally available probes

probe accesories Click here for full details on accessories.


Easel probe Several diffusion probe models may be connected to the Probe No. 2 input. The EASEL PROBE a measuring easel for even more ease and efficiency.
The MAXI PROBE is designed for semi-integrated measuring on large projection sizes.


Colorstar 6000 in case · Exposure timer 0.10 - 999 seconds · Counts down and is interruptable · Acoustic signal · Footswitch connector · Slope correction for each color individually · For color negatives, transparencies and B/W · Averaging and referencing of measurements · 100 calibration channels · 10 paper 'master' calibration channels · 2 probe inputs · Dominant compensation for 9 user selectable color and density specifications · Log Density range -.99 to + 9.99 · Optional stepmotor driver connects to 'automatic' colorhead and dataprinter · 100 jobs can be stored, printed, recalled and reset · Prepared for motordrive of magnification, autofocus and lens aperture · Temperature display in Celsius · Auto Lamp-off after 5 minutes · For 100/120 or 200/240 V, 50-60 Hz · Power cons. 15 VA · Enlarger max. 600 VA.
Dimensions: Keyboard: 180x200x32 mm. Processor/Power supply 180x270x32 mm. Probe 76x76x23mm.
Accessories: · Attachments for integral, semi-integrated and spot reading 4 and 6 mm · Test negatives and transparencies · Instruction manual · Carrying case: 52x37x12 cm.