Colorstar 3000

Color Analyser


Colorstar 3000 Colorstar 3000 The new COLORSTAR 3000 is not just a Color Analyser but also a Densitometer - for films as well as test prints. When you are using it as an analyser, you will appreciate the unique automatic calibration. And, a single calibration is valid for almost every type of film. Different papers, styles or tastes can be stored in its 100 program channels.
A Master channel accounts for and corrects process variations. The analyser averages the color and density of up to 8 test points. Exposure time is measured automatically. Operation is simple: Just extinguish the colors of the star. Control everything with only 6 keys, internally illuminated in yellow safelight. The keyboard is not space consuming. It is less than half of the size of an A4 sheet.


Optionally available probes

probe accesories Click here if you want to know about the accessories for the Colorstar 3000.


Easel probe


Colorstar 3000 in case · Exposure timer 0.1 - 999 seconds · Counts down and is interruptable · Acoustic signal · Footswitch connector · Slope correction in 8 steps · Simultaneous analysis of all 3 colors plus exposure time · For color negatives, transparencies and B/W · Averaging and referencing of measurements · 100 program channels plus 3 Master channels, one for each paper type · Log Density, LogY, LogM, LogC ranges -.99 to +9.99 · B&W Paper Grade indication 0 - 5 in steps of 0.5 · Temperature display in Celsius · Auto Lamp-off after 5 minutes · For 100/120 or 200/240 V, 50-60 Hz · Power cons. 6 VA · Enlarger max. 600 VA · Optional Safelight wire
Dimensions: Analyser 155x165x63 mm. Spot Probe 76x76x23mm.
Accessories: · Attachments for integral, semi-integrated and spot reading 4 and 6 mm · Test negatives and transparencies · Instruction manual · Carrying case 32x29x10.5 cm.